Clean and Restore dirty black roof streaks

The Best Roof Cleaning Service Ever!

The Best Roof Cleaning Service Ever!

The Best Roof Cleaning Service Ever!

Clean Dirty
Streaks & Mold

We offer Eco-friendly professional roof cleaning to restore dirty
streaks, moss, and black stains on your homes roof.

Clean Dirty Streaks & Mold

We offer Eco-friendly professional roof cleaning to restore dirty streaks, moss, and black stains on your homes roof.

Clean Dirty Stains & Mold

The Best Roof Cleaning Service Ever!

Cleaning Roof Moss

The safest, most effective, nontoxic, eco-friendly roof cleaning service to clean
those ugly dark brown, black or green algae roof stains, mold, moss, & mildew.

Immediate Results!

Restore Your Homes Appeal & Value

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Cleaning dirty roof stains and moss

The Very Best Roof Cleaning Service
For Cleaning Dirty Roof Stains, Moss & Mold

Northern Michigan's top roof cleaning service for the best streak-free, spotless roofs! Our professional Roof Shampoo® cleans even moss and algae. Get your free estimate today with a phone call to (989) 555-1234

  • Green, Eco-Friendly & Nontoxic
  • Cleans Dirty Roof Stains & Streaks
  • No Chlorine Bleach
  • Renew & Extend Shingles
  • Immediate Results

Northern Michigan
with Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Roof Shingles before and after cleaning services
Newly cleaned roof and porch Northern Michigan

Professionals You Can Trust To Clean Dirty Roof Stains & Dark Streaks

We do not just clean your dirty roof stains & dark streaks; we kill the mold and bacteria that causes dark streaks, black stains, and mold, Our complete roof cleaning process, can extend the life of your roof and improving the health of your home. Protect your home from roof stains, bacteria, mold, moss removal because they break down your shingles. Our eco-friendly roof treatment will keep your roof looking great for years.

Its time to do something about the dark spots, brown stains on your roof, unsightly moss growth, and growing mold problems. Call us for an roof cleaning estimate today! If you own one or more homes then you’ll want to protect the life of your shingles and restore your houses curb appeal with our green, eco-friendly, nontoxic, treatments. Take advantage of our Roof Shampoo® superior cleaning technology, mold killer, lichen & algae removal. We focus on the needs of the health conscience home owner who takes pride in maintaining the curb appeal of his/her home.

Many of our competitors in the roof cleaning industry use damaging techniques to clean dirty roof stains and they don’t address the real problems with your roof. Roof Shampoo® is the best roof cleaning service for immediate results. We will help you clean dirty roof stains & dark steaks, renew and extend the roof of your home. 

We are the reliable choice for roof cleaning services, regardless if you are looking for a green, eco-friendly solution to fixing brown streaks, black stains, mold, and moss on the roof of your home because we have been in the roof cleaning business for many years and have a tried and true process to providing professional roof cleaning.

We Provide Safe Solutions To Cleaning Off Stains & Streaks From Your Roof & Shingles

Our team are professionals trained to clean unsightly roof stains & streaks caused by mold, moss, algae, and bacteria. We deliver a soft, gentle low pressure water wash. Roof Shampoo® is the best roof cleaning method to remove moss, mold, & mildew for asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Removing mold or moss from your shingles has never been so easy.

Roof Mold

Thick moss growth keeps the roofing materials damp for prolonged periods of teime. The moisture promotes wood rot and can erode the asphalt shingles causing roof damage. Moss, like lichen colonies, is quite damaging to shingles and some of the granules underneath the moss may be gone.

Roof Lichen Colonies

Lichen is a fungus. Lichen form a crust like, branching growth on shingle granules.  Lichens put out root-like tentacles that penetrate into the shingle’s and consume the oil base for nourishment.   Eventually lichen will ruin your shingles by creating dark spots, dirty streaks, or pock marks. 

Roof Algae Damage

Roof Algae cause roof damage to your home your roof shingles and unsightly stains. Roof Stains are usually more prominent in heavily shaded areas. This results in dirty roof stains and streaks. Heavy algae on roofs can super heat the attic causing higher costs as well as reducing the life span of the shingles.

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Why Choose Us

Eco-Friendly, Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Method

The NON-bleach, green, ECO-FRIENDLY, low pressure Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning method is safe on all asphalt and fiberglass shingles. It will not harm any landscaping around the home, yet is 100% effective at removing algae, lichens, and moss from shingles. No damaging high pressure is ever used and absolutely NO scrubbing or brushing.

Proprietary Rinsing System

Our Roof Shampoo® eco-friendly stain removing products ensure that we clean ALL the algae, lichens and moss under the edge of every shingle

Immediate Results

With the Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning system, there is no waiting, and no worrying if the stains will really go away. You will see for yourself that the algae, moss, and/or lichens and their stains are completely gone before your Roof Shampoo® contractor leaves your house.

We Do The Job Right

Roof Shampoo® contractors are professionals who make sure they clean every square inch of your roof without damaging your shingles or your landscaping.

Applying Roof Conditioner
Roof cleaner removes brown stains on roof
Roof Stain Removal Crew on the Job

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